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Cash Factory USA is a DBA (Doing-business-as) name of 2233 Paradise Road LLC - a government licensed direct lender offering installment loans and payday loans in the states of California, Delaware, Idaho, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin.

In some states, Cash Factory USA is operating also as a broker or a third party. 2233 Paradise Road LLC was registered in the California Secretary of State in 2013 with a registration address located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The lender provides all licenses for each state on their website.

Products and services provided

Installment loans

Cash Factory USA provides long-term installment loans in Wisconsin, Utah, Texas, Nevada, Missouri, Idaho, and Delaware. These are small loans from $100 to $1000 which are repaid in equal installments (except the last one) weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly on your payday. Installment loan terms and fees vary by state. Payment dates may be adjusted for your convenience.

If you are a resident of any of the states listed above, you can apply for an installment loan online at their website.

Payday loans

Cash Factory USA offers payday loans in Texas, Nevada, and California. These are short-term loans from $100 to $1000 for a period not exceeding 31 days, typically 1-3 weeks at most. Payday loans are repaid in a lump sum at the end of the period and tend to be very expensive if used for longer periods. If you need more time to repay your loan, then consider an installment loan instead.

Payday loan requirements

This is the basic information that must be verified before you can get a payday loan from Cash Factory USA:

  • You must be a US citizen of at least 18 years old.
  • You must be currently employed and have a verified income from a job or other source.
  • You must have an open and active checking account from an active bank, credit union, or prepaid card account.

Loan terms and interest rates

Their website provides detailed information regarding loan terms, associated fees, and interest rates for each state where Cash Factory USA provides its lending services.

State Loan type Loan term Average APR
Idaho Installment loan 120-180 days 542-548 %
Nevada Payday loan 5-35 days 215-3431 %
Nevada Installment loan up to 90 days 541-556 %
Utah Installment loan 120-180 days 542-552 %
California Payday loan up to 31 days 207-1288 %
Wisconsin Installment loan 120-180 days 597-600 %
Missouri Installment loan 120-180 days 590-601 %
Delaware Installment loan 120-180 days 509-545 %
Texas Installment loan 120-180 days 650-794 %
Texas Payday loan up to 45 days 226-3662 %

How to apply?

Cash Factory USA does not provide any store locations on their website, so we assume that they accept only online loan applications via the form on their website.

The application process is rather simple and straightforward, you will be required to provide the basic personal information, explain your income, and provide bank details. Once completed you will get an immediate response whether you have been pre-approved or not. The process should be even easier if you are a returning customer.

Customer feedback

Cash Factory USA has a remarkably high score of 4.7 on Trustpilot based on more than 2400 user reviews. 83% of customers have rated their service as excellent. Most customers point out the fast service, great customer support, and simple application process. Many customers have used the service more than once.

The Verdict

Cash Factory USA seems to be a reputable and trustworthy online lender with thousands of positive user reviews to support their reputation. If you are fine with online applications and over-the-phone communication with the lender, then you should definitely give them a try. They offer two types of loans - payday loans, which are the more expensive ones, and installment loans - the ones we suggest.

It is worth pointing out that their website is up to date, easy to navigate, and contains all relevant information regarding their services as well as permits for each state where they operate.